Various Workout Supplements to Help WWE's Shield

By Rob Sutter

Wrestling stables are very important to build new stars collectively and today, the Shield is the greatest example I've seen in a while. Unlike other groups where you have one definitive leader and the rest of the people seem to be mere minions, the Shield is much more of a cohesive unit. There isn't exactly a leader and each of the three members of the group receives time to show off their skills. I believe that these skills can only be heightened thanks to a variety of workout supplements.

While there isn't a leader, per se, I think that the one who comes closest is Dean Ambrose. Out of the three members of the Shield, he's the one who's regarded as the best speaker and the one who possesses better cognition than his teammates. In order to keep these kinds of features alive, I have all of the reason in the world to believe that amino acids could help him out greatly. They would be able to grant him energy and allow him to perform on a high level.

As far as the actual "wrestler" of the group is concerned, Seth Rollins fills that void due to his constant exhibition of showmanship. When you see him take to the top rope in order to hit a flying knee or stomp on the back of someone's head into the canvas, you get the feeling that he's legitimately hurting people. Rollins is a very capable in-ring performer and I have to believe that he would have to stay muscular and lean in order to continue performing. In this regard, creatine powder may be best.

These kinds of products are endorsed by companies like Muscular Development and they are meant to build and maintain strength. As far as power is concerned, I think that the proper workout supplements can benefit Roman Reigns, the strongman of the group. He's easily the most intense when it comes to executing strong moves like powerbombs and spears. Seeing as how he can perform these moves on opponents of just about any size, keeping up with protein powder would be ideal for his style.

Workout supplements can help people go through a series of athletics and I have all of the reason in the world to believe that wrestlers can put them to use more than any other crew. Think about just how constant their work schedule is; they are very rarely without days to themselves. However, wrestling's future is very bright and one of the beacons is the Shield. With three distinct personalities and styles, they are most definitely going to be able to stand the test of time as performers.

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